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How did we meet and how did we form this business?

Shortly after Ellen relocated to Pittsburgh, we met at the International Women's Association of Pittsburgh. Ellen hired me (Michelle) as an English Instructor to improve her American English business language skills. Together we explored the English language, American idioms, and the similarities and differences between life in the U.S. and in Germany. We both discovered that we not only learned a lot about the other's country, but we found out new things about our own country and language. Ellen joined my workshop feelshome and continued to learn more and more about American life. Once Ellen started teaching German and Intercultural Communication, she realized that she had a lot to offer to foreigners working for or with German companies. As we compared our experiences, we saw that, together, both professionally and personally, we could help ease the challenges of living and/or working in another culture.

Michelle Dreyfuss

Founder of International Chameleon 

Founder of Excellent Language Solutions

My journey in international cultural exchange began when I was twelve years old and moved with my family from my country of origin, the United States, to France. Ever since returning to the USA six years later, I have been excited to welcome others to this country. My extensive traveling and my own ex-pat experience has made me particularly sensitive to the adjustments one needs to make when living in another country.

Ten years ago I had the opportunity to embrace my passion for teaching others about life in the United States. Through global language companies, I have taught English to dozens of trailing spouses and children of executives who have been transferred to the U.S. Having done this work for many years, I am very familiar with the challenges as well as the benefits of living in another country.

For the last five years I have run a book group for international women that examines and explores important, fascinating, and funny aspects of American life and of American. Helping these families learn English and adjust to life in the US has been extremely rewarding, interesting, and educational.


B.A., University of Michigan

M.H.S.A., University of Michigan

American English native speaker, fluent in French.

Ellen Marquardt

President of Marquardt Language Design, LLC

Founder of International Chameleon

Founder of Excellent Language Solutions


During my professional career as a project manager, a research associate, a COO and consultant, and as an expert for communication, language, and program development in Germany, I often worked on international teams. It was a wonderful learning experience to work on teams consisting of Americans and Europeans. Each time I worked with someone new, I gained new skills and improved my cultural awareness.


In 2015, I became a volunteer in the Library of Cologne’s new program, Sprachraum (Language Area). Through this program, I taught German to refugees and helped them to understand more about German culture.  For the first time, I really started to understand the challenges and difficulties of living in another country, far away from home. Just one year later, in 2016, I, myself, became an expat.


Together with my husband, I moved to Pittsburgh and quickly started work as a German Instructor and Intercultural Consultant for executives and corporate employees. Customized language teaching, language program development, and intercultural communication is my passion. I learn so much from the different corporations and the students about their languages and countries. I truly love it!


Bachelor of Arts, University of Siegen, Germany

Sociology, Applied Linguistics (German and English), Psychology

Master´s Degree of Arts (Magistra Artium), University of Siegen

Sociology, Applied Linguistics (German and English), Psychology

German native speaker, American English

Applied Linguistics included:

German as a second language

Intercultural communication


Sociology included:

Intercultural studies USA - Germany

Psychology included:

Learning and motivation 


German, Philosophy, Philipps-Universität Marburg | one year

Macroeconomics, Wilhelms-Universität Münster | two years

Architecture, Universität Siegen | three years


Family Hospice, Pittsburgh, PA 

Public Relations

Global Lt., Pittsburgh, PA 

English Language Instructor

CORE Languages, Pittsburgh, PA  

English Language Instructor

CARTUS, Pittsburgh, PA 

English Language Instructor

IOR Relocation Services, Pittsburgh, PA

Destination Services Consultant

Independent English Language Instructor, Pittsburgh, PA 

International Chameleon 

Founder and Owner

English and German Instruction and Intercultural Workshops for Expats 


Consortium for International Languages and Intercultural Consulting


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Charité-University Medicine Berlin in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University, USA

Germany, 3 years

Project Manager and Research Associate

teamEXPERTE.de, Cologne, Germany, 7 years


ellenmarquardt.de, Germany, Entrepreneur, until now

Founder and Owner, Editor



ellenmarquardt.de, USA and Germany

Founder and Owner

Cooperation with Domrauschen, Advertisment Agency, Cologne, Germany

German Instructor and Intercultural Consultant 

Intercultural Communications, Inc. 

ELT (Executive Language Training) 

Independent German Language Instructor, Pittsburgh, PA 

International Chameleon

Founder, Brand of Marquardt Language Design, LLC

English and German Instruction and Intercultural Consulting for Executives

Intercultural Workshops for Expats 


Consortium for International Languages and Intercultural Consulting

Founder, Brand of Marquardt Language Design, LLC 

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Consortium for International Languages and Intercultural Consulting: Excellent Language Solutions

A cooperation of:

Marquardt Language Design, LLC & Intercultural Communications, Inc.


Cynthia Lennox

President of Intercultural Communications, Inc.

Founder of Excellent Language Solutions

My professional journey began with teaching English to Soviet refugees who had relinquished outstanding careers as lawyers, doctors, musicians and scholars to seek freedom in a new land. Not only were these interactions personally and professionally rewarding, but they also awakened in me a deep interest in seeking to understand the infinite and intricate layers of culture and its impact on human interactions and relationships. 


After seven years supporting refugees from a wide variety of backgrounds, I became an English instructor at Bayer Corporation, where I assisted senior executives, their partners  

and children move from surviving to thriving in the American culture through enhancing their communication skills and moving toward multiculturalism. While continuing my work with Bayer Corporation, I founded Intercultural Communication, Inc., to enable my instructors and myself to provide similar services to many other corporations and health service organizations.


From neurosurgeons and cardiovascular surgeons to chief executive officers and senior vice presidents, I have learned the English language and cross-cultural communication challenges they and their families face during their international experiences. From my over twenty years of experience as a full-time faculty member at Duquesne University, I have learned best practices in language instruction and multi-cultural training for cultural awareness and understanding.  My passion is to share this understanding with my students as they simultaneously educate me in new cultural and language differences.


Bachelor of Arts, Washington & Jefferson College

French and English

Certification in Secondary Education in English and K-12 Certification in French


Master´s Degree of Arts, Carnegie Mellon University

English, Linguistics, and Curriculum Development


Intercultural Communications, Inc. 1995- present

Founder and Owner, Language instruction, cross-cultural training

Assistant professor, Duquesne University 2001 – present

English Instructor, Cross-Cultural Instructor, Learning Technology Coordinator, Speaking-Listening Curriculum Coordinator

Bayer Corporation 1987-2001

English Instructor and Intercultural Consultant for Executives

Allegheny Intermediate Unit 1980 - 1987

English Instructor for Visiting Scholars, Students, and Refugees


Consortium for International Languages and Intercultural Consulting


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About Intercultural Communications, Inc.

Intercultural Communications, Inc. is a customer-oriented, woman-owned business. Our mission is to assist native and nonnative professionals, employees, and their families to improve their performance by enhancing their communication skills in English and modern languages. As an integral element in this development process, we are strongly dedicated to helping Americans and nonnative speakers of English function more effectively through deepening their understanding of the business, professional and social cultures of the United States and other countries. To attain this outcome, Intercultural Communications, Inc. employs experienced instructors holding advanced degrees in English as a Second Language or foreign languages.


Intercultural Communications, Inc. has assisted nonnative professionals, employees, spouses and children to improve their communication skills and enhance their cultural understanding at large corporations including Bayer Corporation, Marconi Corporation, Traco, Hitachi Corporation, CONSOL, Lanxess Corporation,  Mitushishi, Marcegaglia USA, Mineteck America, Tyk America, Inc., United States Steel Corporation, Wheeling-Nisshin, UPMC, and West Penn-Allegheny General Health Systems. These services have included helping clients improve their oral communications skills, compose business correspondence and reports, develop professional presentations for national and international conferences, and prepare professional papers for publication.