Intercultural Consulting & Customized Language Teaching


International Chameleon is all about linguistics, culture and psychology. Our customized and extensive workshops will provide your employees and their spouses or partners with the knowledge and orientation needed to enjoy and benefit from this extraordinary experience of living abroad. 

Your employees and their families have embarked on the exciting and challenging new endeavor of living in the USA. Join us in a comfortable, convenient, and inviting setting with other expats to explore new customs and traditions. Similar to a human chameleon, the expats want to adapt to their new surroundings, while at the same time, retain their own cultural identity and practices. Cultural misunderstandings can stand in the way of productive work relationships. Having a better understanding of cultural differences and a better command of the language will help your employees work more effectively and efficiently with colleagues and customers here and abroad.

Our customized workshops will ease your employees and their families into their new life! Become an International Chameleon.

Here are three examples of possible workshops for your employees, their spouses or partners.



Offer your employees an enjoyable and stimulating 90-minute monthly workshop that explores through readings and discussion, themes such as living and working in the USA, American idioms and language, and American history and culture.



Designed specifically for the trailing spouse, this eight-week workshop provides all the ins-and-outs to living a comfortable and confident life in the USA.



This once-a-month reading group provides the trailing spouse with a fun opportunity for friendship and for further exploration of life in Pittsburgh as well as in the United States.

 Language instructors at International Chameleon




About Michelle Dreyfuss, English Instructor, International Chameleon

“[...] Mrs. Dreyfuss was assigned to us as a teacher, but she ended up being so much more. Through our time with Mrs. Dreyfuss, we also learned so much about the American people as well as the country itself, both past and present. There is no doubt in my mind that we settled in so well in America and transitioned as smoothly as we did because of Mrs. Dreyfuss´s teaching and regular advice. She truly made our stay in the USA a lot easier than we could have ever expected.”


  Dr. Thorsten Minuth, Bayer AG, Germany

About Ellen Marquardt, German Instructor, International Chameleon

"Ellen was my German instructor for a year. Of course, Ellen is an excellent teacher, but what really makes her unique is her creativity and her ability to listen. Through her experience and careful observation, she can find the optimal way to address her students' needs. By her active listening and creative conversations, she was quickly able to determine where I was lacking knowledge or understanding, and she organized and customized each of her lessons to address those needs. She did this in a way that incorporated reading materials, exercises, assignments and conversations on topics of my interest or my previous experiences, keeping the classes challenging but fun and very rewarding. She was constantly reevaluating my progress and her approach and was extremely responsive and flexible, which made my time with her as productive and effective as possible. Additionally, Ellen is very friendly, professional, and personable. The classes were always enjoyable, highly interactive, and were never a chore, I always looked forward to meeting with Ellen. In all, Ellen has a unique combination of talents that will undoubtedly keep her students and clients engaged and interested, and her creative and targeted approach will deliver results. I am very much looking forward to working with her again!"

Viktor Götz, Director of Software Engineering


Your language, intercultural, and translation needs

Marquardt Langauge Design, LLC and Intercultural Communciations, Inc. are founders of Excellent Language Solutions, a women-owned Consortium for International Languages and Intercultural Consulting. We are reaching out to you to learn about your company’s language training and intercultural consulting needs, particularly during these challenging times when travel and personal contact are restricted. We would appreciate a brief online meeting with you to see how, as a creative, agile consortium of experienced professionals, we might assist your company with your language, intercultural, and translation needs.